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Tips for Viewing Flash Video

~ You can control how Flash Video plays by adjusting settings in the Local Storage Settings Panel.

~ To display the Local Storage Settings panel: 1. Right-click (Windows) or Control-click (Macintosh) the video image while it is running. 2. From the context menu, select Settings. 3. Click the third icon from the left. (It looks like a file folder.) This will open the Local Storage tab.

~ You will see a slider button which allows you to tell Flash how much temporary storage space the video can use on your computer. For smoother, more pleasing video playback, set this slider all the way to the right and click "Never Ask Again."

~ The Local Storage panel also displays Privacy settings that you can adjust. (For more about this, visit Adobe's Flash Player page.) You do not have to change any of these in order to optimize viewing of video.

~ After you have set Local Storage options, click the Close button.

~ Now you are ready to play the video. Click the Play arrow on the video controls. The video will begin playing.

~ If the video stops or isn't smooth, let it load most of the way and then start over by clicking the Play arrow again. A colored bar will fill in below the video to show you how much has loaded.

~ Now enjoy!

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