The Snowman had a wish, and the dog had a memory.

The weather is about to change.

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Video interlude from The Snowman's Wish. (Click arrow to play.)


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Freshwater Pearls is speed-skating toward a new show! Based on a Hans Christian Andersen tale, The Snowman's Wish tells the story of a snowman who falls in love with a pot-bellied stove. The Snowman's Wish is rich with emotion and symbolism. Like snow diamonds in the sun, Freshwater Pearls' production sparkles with the beauty of winter and of love beyond reach.

Bunraku-style puppets, shadow puppets, digital projection, live music on piano and hammered dulcimer

Recommended audience age:
7 and up

Recommended audience size: up to 300

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Available for booking November 2010.

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