Professor Freshwater's Punch and Judy Show

That's the way to do it!

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[Punch and Judy/Joey]The real thing! Learned first-hand in England, Professor Freshwater's Punch and Judy Show is a traditional puppet farce with a modern sense of humor and Freshwater Pearls' sweetly rowdy style. Diane's ties to British puppetry show in her swift and masterful technique. She is adept with the "swazzle," the traditional instrument for Punch's voice. Children find it hilarious! And who can resist the most adorable live "Toby Dog" in the history of Punchdom or dogdom? Stu's genial "straight man" rapport and marvelous, live hammered dulcimer playing complete the magic.

Freshwater Pearls Puppetry is one of the few puppetry troupes in the United States to perform the authentic British Punch and Judy Show. In 1988, we traveled to England to experience the phenomenon of Punch and Judy. We filmed a video documentary there, and some of Britain's most talented Punch "professors" (puppeteers) became our friends. We returned to America with their gift to us — the authentic Punch and Judy Show, as it has been handed down via oral tradition for over 300 years. From this core of tradition, Professor Freshwater's Punch and Judy Show was born. Professor Freshwater (Diane) and Mr. Bottles (Stu) nimbly combine the ages-old Punch tradition with a modern sense of humor. Spongebob Squarepants, Barney the Dinosaur, and 21st-century politicians have all found their way into Punch's pointed commentary, and you never know who will show up next!

Roll up, roll up! for Professor Freshwater's Punch and Judy Show!
Humor, hand puppets, live hammered dulcimer music, live dog actor

how length: 50 minutes

Recommended audience age: all ages

Recommended audience size: up to 300
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