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Love swims.

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You must remember this: a fish ain't just a fish.
A fish is no dumb guy.
'Cuz every fishie goes to school;
they're smart small fry.

In this bubbly retelling of The Ugly Duckling, an outcast goldfish with a thirst for experience and a love of mathematics takes a journey of self-discovery. She plunges into a sea of hidden talents and learns that beauty is more than fin deep.

This show treads, er swims, where no puppetry has gone before. Shadow puppets blend with video of live, trained goldfish actors in a fishy parody of Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall in Casablanca. Here's lookin' at you, squid!

Humor, shadow puppets, live music with song, video of live goldfish actors

Animal training by Diane Rains

Recommended audience age:
all ages

Recommended audience size: up to 300

[black and white pearls]Fun stuff   NEW!  The Bubble Blog.  Read about our fish actors' training progress as they learn their roles for the show. With photos and video.

In development; not yet available for booking.

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